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During lockdown, one of the main activities we could all do was walking.  I walked all the time with my dog prior to lockdown anyway, but I did not appreciate this simple act of walking, being outside and connecting with nature.

It was during lockdown that I found peace, calm and beauty in my surroundings during my walks, especially with being stuck indoors every day.  Every Friday after work I would switch off from work and go for a walk by the sea or in the woods.  I would not take my phone with me and it would just be me and nature. I would disconnect from the week and I would allow my mind to be taken over by the rawness of the sea, quiet of the trees and peacefulness of greenspace.  I would feel calm and breath in the fresh air around me.

This weekly ritual of connecting with nature, beauty, fresh air, the world and trees that have stood for hundreds of years helped me with my mental health and challenging times during the pandemic.  The connection with the natural world has amazing healing powers for the body and soul. It is also a great way of exploring the wilderness and you may just stumble upon some wonderful sights. I have included some photos of the sights you can see.

My favourite places I visit to connect with nature are: Dalkeith Country Park, The Grove Musselburgh, Lagoons Musselburgh, Newbattle Abby, Roslin Glen, Gore Glen, Musselburgh Beach, Gullane Beach and Portobello Beach.  These are just some suggestions for lovely nature walks.

Debra Paterson