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A national study by Barnardo’s found that around 50% of young people leaving care in Scotland experience homelessness, many of those living in Edinburgh.  This is something we want to change and are working hard to achieve this.  No one should be without somewhere to call home.

Edinburgh is the least affordable city for housing in Scotland, has a dire housing shortage and rents have increased by 42% over the last eight years. Scotland has the lowest average age of young people leaving home at 17, in stark contrast to the general population where the average age is 26.

The Trust supports young people to secure and maintain a home and support those that do not have a family to help them.  Young people leaving care repeatedly tell us that they need help maintaining their homes and living independently from staff and organisations that they trust.

One young person who uses our service named Jane reflects on the support she has received from the Trust:

Jane states “Towards the end when I was staying in a residential house, it became important to me to move on to live more independently. My key worker identified that I was ready as I was showing that I could save money and that I was becoming more independent. They helped me understand my different housing options and helped me write a “profile” for the Housing Support Panel. I considered many options but I decided on a flat supported by the Rock Trust.

When I was first accommodated, I did not have care leaver status. Dean and Cauvin worked with my Social Worker to ensure that I was given looked after and accommodated status so I would have the rights associated with this.

I was appointed an Aftercare Worker through the Trust who met with me and the Rock Trust to plan my move.  My worker supports me each week, sometimes together with my worker from the Rock Trust. They advocate on my behalf when I do not feel that I am receiving enough support in certain areas. When I am ready to move on from my Rock Trust flat, I will be supported to bid for a permanent tenancy. My worker will make sure that I receive further support if I need it, and that I get furniture and flooring to move my house a home”.

The Trust works with young people to develop their independent living skills and how to maintain a home.  We support young people to access accommodation and understand their rights.  We are working hard to get it right for each young person we support during a challenging housing crisis.