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Model of Practice – the ‘Continuum of Care’

Dean and Cauvin Trust introduced this model of practice in 2002 following experiences of young people who were former residents returning to the residential services in crisis and in need of support.

Despite having community based supports, from other services young people returned to the people whom they felt they had the closest relationships and attachments. In order to address this clear support need the Throughcare Aftercare Service was established.

The Throughcare Aftercare Service begins working with young people at the point where they move into our residential services at either Portland Street or Cauvin House. The young person will be allocated an Aftercare Worker at their placement agreement meeting and the Aftercare Worker will work alongside the residential staff to support the care plan and build a meaningful attachment with the individual young person in preparation for moving on in the future. Our experience alongside feedback from young people identify that this early engagement is essential for building sustained levels of engagement in the future and young people benefit from having this continued relationship into the future in terms of successful outcomes.

As the years have progressed we have expanded this model to provide a range of supported tenancies for young people to move into with continued support from their allocated worker as well as the introduction of dedicated group work staff and a housing officer to provide a scaffolding of support around the young person as they take the first steps towards a confident and independent future.