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STAF National Conference 2018


As part of ongoing staff training and development, Fiona Liddle (Group Work Facilitator)  and Shona Johnston (Group Work Coordinator) attended the sell-out Scottish Throughcare Aftercare Forum (STAF) 2018 National Conference. Entitled Healing from Trauma and Moving On it presented four key speakers on the impact of trauma on the lives of our young people and how we can promote healing and recovery from trauma.

Fiona sent us this report;

“All the speakers were excellent, gave us food for thought but standouts for us were Louise Wallwein and Tony Bloemendaal.

Louise Wallwein MBE talked us through a powerful and personal journey of early childhood trauma and the resulting experience of thirteen different children’s homes.  Her journey to understanding her experience and her ongoing recovery really brought home the need to provide love and practical support for care leavers throughout their lives as they process Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Tony Bloemendaal MSc a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist who specialises in intensive treatment for adults with severe trauma, self-injury and chronic suicidality. He talked us through the lifelong disabling consequences of abuse and neglect prior to age 7, again reminding us of the essential need to understand the significant penalties our adult care leavers experience throughout their lives.

The whole conference reflected a growing conversation in Scotland on the impact of trauma on the lives of young people. Dean and Cauvin Young Peoples Trust is proud to campaign for continuing support for care leavers and will continue to support our young people into adulthood mindful of the impact trauma, loss and neglect can have for life.”